Success means benefits to the world;
Happiness brings warm Spring to the world.

“KON-FU” is the premcipium held by Mr. Char-Fu Shea, the founder of KONFU. “KON” means Success and “FU” means Happiness. Once we have gained success in business by working deligently, we have to return happiness, as our contribution, to the society. KONFU donates a specific proportion of its profit to people in need every year. With this strong belief, our work is gilded with a brighter color of meaning.

Founded in 1975, KONFU bears a specific and clear vision: to solve problems for clients and to help their business flourish. "Nothing is impossible" is the cornerstone and key spirit which makes KONFU come up with a philosophy to solve problems and flourish. this very philosophy has guided the company and makes us not to be complacent about existing solutions.

To make a further step, we established another company, ANF Tool & Machine, to be in charge of Japan and USA market in 2019. Meanwhile, we have also reinvested in a screw factory which produces special screws capable of SPEC M3~M16 in size and 5mm~200mm in length.

KONFU is made up of a young team. The average age for the team member is not even 40-year-old, while each of them all has work experience in related field for about 10 years.

KONFU is not merely a tool manufacturer, and it has much more to provide the clients with. It offers experience, profound insights in know-how, capabiltity in design and solutions in every aspect. In order to have our clients obtain better performance from their operations, we are glad to share all our experience in various materials and tooling design. KONFU aims to solve every problem for its clients. One more solved problem stands for one more satisfied client.