KONFU is a professional designer and producer of fastener dies. We serve clients from every corner around the world, and our clients have always given praises and compliments to our dies.

Nevertheless, we are not complacent about our achievements and still endeavor to provide our clients with the most proper solutions. When our clients want to produce new products, we stand by their sides. With a persistent attitude, we keep studying how to refine the die design and help clients produce ideal fasteners.

When clients have service length or precision problems at production, we will manage to analyze them from different perspectives and thus conduct modifications to answer clients with satisfying solutions.

Besides, We increase our capital expenditure year by year to replace and purchase all kinds of new machines. We also keep training our staff’s production skill with a perfectionist attitude.

We implement strict quality control in production process. In order to monitor every workpiece at production, we implement a tracing system with production barcode. At pre-shipment quality inspection, we will cross-compare the products with the original design and run a full scale test.

Our task is to shorten delivery date as much as possible without compromising the quality.

Mission impossible? KONFU challenges the impossible.

Carbide Tools

KONFU is in the first group of companies which started to export tungsten carbide dies in Taiwan, and tungsten carbide is one of the products on KONFU’s earliest selling list. Since the 60’s, KONFU has been endeavoring to provide fastener producers around the world with tungsten carbide dies made in Taiwan.

Our tungsten carbide, with the most stable quality, is provided by the largest tungsten carbide supplier in Taiwan. We will choose the most proper tungsten carbide raw material according to die usage attributes. For instance, we will choose differently for abrasion-proof and stamping-pressure-resistant dies. The material and hardness of the molded case, the press-fit measure and the press-fit amount of the core—all these have a significant impact on the die's lifecycle. As for molded cases, we also apply the most proper manner to dies for different purposes. In this way, the molded case and the core may have an optimal match, and the usage lifecycle is therefore maximized.

If client’s primary die has lifecycle issues, we are more than happy to give modification suggestions according to the die’s problems. For instance, we can add vents to the die or change the manner of mold assembly. Until now, KONFU has accumulated numerous successful cases to demonstrate our capability to help our clients to optimize their production.


Basic ejector punches, such as DIN9861-D , and round pin punches, can be ready for shipment in 2 weeks. We can also pre-store punches for clients so that the shipment can be ready in 3 days. We also have hexagon punches for DIN912 in storage. Be free to contact us for the punch sizes in storage.

We provide punches in different materials, such as high speed steels (M2,M35and M42 ), powder metallurgies (ASP23, ASP30and ASP60 ) and tungsten carbide. We also provides options for surface coating:TiN, TiAIN, AlCrn,TiCN , etc. Suggestions will be provided for titanium coating on different materials and for different usage. Please be free to contact us for special demands.

The surface finish of a punch has a great impact on its lifecycle. Besides the regular finish, we can also apply special sand-blasting finish and surface heat treatment to lower abrasion and production stress on the surface. In this way, the lifecycle of the punches can be prolonged to 2 times longer. The shape and tolerance of the punches will be strictly monitored. As for punches in crucial sizes, the tolerance can be as fine as +/-0.005mm.

Powder Metallurgy Tools

Besides dies for fasteners, KONFU keeps developing new die market in other application fields. Powder metallurgy die is the priority among our development projects. Although powder metallurgy die is more complicated in formation and process procedure, it can form special shapes that cold forging fails to form. Therefore, powder metallurgy die is widely utilized in many fields, such as automobile components and home appliances.

We can properly suggest machine tonnage after client’s need for production. Moreover, we can help to develop the powder metallurgy die necessary for production. For die design, we will adjust the die matching, to gain extra die lifecycle, according to the powder material and density used by client. We can also provide all kinds of inspection gages and examine jigs for measurement in powder metallurgy production. The gage tolerance can be as fine as 0.001mm.