Post processing

Heat Treatment Furnace

In terms of the drilling speed of self-tapping and self-drilling screws and the strength requirement of high-strength bolt over grade 8.8, heat treatment is the most crucial part of screw post-process. Since the heat treatment will determine the screw quality, a capable heat treatment furnace can precisely control the furnace temperature.

In this way, the screws in the same process can reach the required hardness and maintain the same hardness.

Our continuous mesh belt heat treatment furnace has the benefits as shown:

  • Longer mesh belt lifecycle: It’s sustained by a special roller conveyor system.
  • Precise temperature: In furnace, the automatic segmentation temperature control keeps the temperature accurate.
  • Force ventilation fan: It will stir and mix the atmosphere to make sure the temperature is even.
  • High production capacity and low abrasion: The furnace design aims to recycle resources and power.
  • Easy operation: once the heat treatment conditions are set, it will be run automatically. No special techniques required.
  • Furnace atmosphere choices: It can work with endothermic gas or carbinol instillation.
  • Specialized heating elements: It’s easy to change components and maintain. It runs either with electricity or gas, depending on its power source.

If you need a heat treatment furnace, you can tell us the product to be processed, the production amount (kg/hr) needed, and the heating manner preferred (electricity/gas). We will design and quote after the informations.

Our heat treatment furnace has not only been adopted by the largest screw maker in Taiwan for years, but also ordered by many professional heat treatment factories in Taiwan. We have foreign clients from Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Vietnam, etc.

Besides the finest heat treatment equipments, we are glad to share the related techniques and knowledge about heat treatment. KONFU is always there to help clients to make the best products.

Continuous Mesh-belt heat treatment furnace.


The final process for screw-making is the surface treatment. The coated film on the surface makes screws aesthetic and anti-corrosive. Our electroplating equipment takes the design of barrel plating. A consistent production process is applied in the production line. Process equipments include: pretreatment, electroplating, after-treatment. It can customize different designs for different metal coatings. It’s applicable to the surface treatment of screws, general hardware, machines, and electronic components.

Product features

  • Automatic barrel plating: it can be equipped with a monitor system to control the electroplating quality.
  • Barrel for electroplating basket: The set includes pretreatment, electroplating, after-treatment, etc.
  • Customize automatic production: It can customize an automatic production process after different metal coatings.
  • Widely applicable to the surface treatment of screws, general hardware, zippers, machines , and electronic components.

If you require other special surface treatment, please feel free to contact us.

Electroplating equipments.


We also provide packing machines to fulfill your need for packing products. We can design a fully-automatic packing production line after clients’ demand. With our assistance, you can pack the finished products in the fastest and the most efficient manner.