By practicing ESG,
KONFU rewards the society with its profit.

ESG is the acronym for “Environmental, Social and Governance.” Besides making the company profit, business management should also highlight environmental friendliness to the Earth, dedication to social welfare, and the transparency and open attitude of the company management.

Founded in 1975, KONFU enterprise has started to practice the ESG principium since a very early stage. Withholding the spirit of “Success means benefits to the world; Happiness brings warm Spring to the world,” KONFU promises itself to be a company with sustainability.

Environmental Friendliness

In speaking of environment, we, taking an environmentally-friendly way of production, have purchased oil filters to reuse and recycle the waste oil produced at factory processing. What’s more, reusable

stainless tablewares are applied during lunch time at KONFU to reduce the usage of disposable ones.

Social Welfare

For years, KONFU keeps rewarding the society by supporting various charity events with the company revenue.

In 2005, our chairman, Char-Fu Shea, read an article in the newspaper: the principal of Tainan Municipal Zuojhen junior high school was worried by the shortage of student lunch fee in the remote areas. Chairman Shea, who comes from Tainan, visited the principal without hesitation. Hence began KONFU’s benefactor deeds, such as providing lunch for students, sponsoring the transportation expense and after-class tutor fee, etc.

Later on, in order to continue the charity spirit, Chairman Shea, out of KONFU’s accumulated revenue for years, donated 20 million NTD

and founded “ChunCheng Education Development Association” after his late father. In this way, charity events can be more organised, and many other suppliers and kind-hearted persons also made donations to echo this benevolent deed.

The principle of the association is to guide dropouts and help them come back to the normal tracks. Its Sunny Youth Camp aims to cultivate the teenagers with the characteristics, such as being passionate, warm, selfless, candid and equal. The association has made contributions, such as providing hiking equipments for students, building a rock-climbing wall, donating almost 500 bicycles to 17 schools, guiding junior high students to accomplish a round-Taiwan bicycle ride.

With these events, junior high students in remote areas can also have access to the Nature despite they are endowed with limited resources. What’s more, the association also sponsors a weight-lifting team and support to establish digital English classrooms.

When natural catastrophes strike, KONFU reaches out it’s helping hands. KONFU, with a benevolent spirit, donates to help people in grave need during disasters, such as the 921 earthquake in Taiwan, the earthquake in Turkey, and the tsunamis in the South Asia and Japan.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, while medical masks are rare to obtain, our suppliers donate many masks. KONFU furtherly donates these masks to our clients in France, Italy, Turkey and India, to keep them away from virus invasion.

As for labor rights, KONFU provides extra parental subsidies to lessen our colleagues’ pressure for nursing. Moreover, fully-sponsored health examination is also part of our care for our employees.

Company Governance

KONFU holds seasonal shareholders meetings. With an open and candid attitude, we analyse our operating conditions to our shareholders. Moreover, we admire the spirit that “profits are made and shared together .” KONFU runs employee stock purchase plan, and it makes the employees more dedicated to the company.

In the future, we will follow the ESG principium and run the company with sustainability. To all our clients and suppliers, we bear an enormous gratitude. We also expect to establish more business opportunities, keep rewarding the society, and create a positive energy flow with international friends who identify with us.