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Design tools for Japanese customers,
increase production and reduce costs

The workpiece shown above is the flagship product and an all-year-round seller of our client. To reduce the high cost of the applied tools, the client demands KONFU to make a trial run for the expensive 25kg die. KONFU suggests to change the die design from 1-piece to 3-piece close up type. Whenever the die is close to the end of its lifecycle, we only have to change the NIB and thus we save half of the tool cost every time.

Our Design

customer's original drawing

Customer’s Design

The design by KONFU

The lifecycle of our first model is 50% lower than the upgraded dies utilized by our client now. KONFU does not stop improving and fixing the inner angle, chamfer, material and polish. KONFU’s second model, compared to the client’s tools at the moment, has doubled the lifecycle.

With KONFU’s adaptation, the dies have at least 3 NIB changes and their lifecycle is therefore prolonged as 2 times longer. The annual piece consumption drops from 180 pieces to 90 pieces. The total cost of the dies is reduced to merely 25% of the original cost.

With KONFU’s efficient modification, the client saves nearly up to 75% of the original expense. KONFU does help the client to save a huge amount of tool cost, and eventually turns this special product into a profitable one.

Difficulties in stainless product production? KONFU solves it.

The client plans to produce 304 stainless parts with cold forging. Their self-developed die operates well with products in steel and aluminum. However, it becomes a disaster when it’s applied with stainless steel. The die lifecycle is not long enough to yield a production with much quantity.

The client even tests with tungsten carbide punch, while the punch still breaks in the middle way. Therefore, the client consults KONFU for a perfect solution.

The customer faces the problem of broken pin.

The customer faces the problem of broken pin.

After second thought and further research, we redesign the main combination die and suggest the client to use punch in ASP material. With KONFU’s assistance, the clients can finally enter mass production with this product.

If you encounter any problem in production, please be free to contact us. We always research and discuss the problems with our clients to figure out any possible solution.

The solution provided by KONFU

The solution provided by KONFU

The solution provided by KONFU

The solution provided by KONFU

Do you have the problem of poor life of existing tooling? Want to produce products of different materials, but encounter the problem of tooling breakage? We can provide appropriate tooling modification solutions.