Inspection and packing service from the heart


As 2021 comes to a close, we’d like to share our year-end review from point of view of Taiwan island. The worst outbreak Taiwan has seen since the pandemic began happened in May, newly reported domestic cluster cases of Covid-19 led to the government quickly announcing a Level 3 alert. In response to the dramatic surge, we strengthened our cleaning and disinfection protocols and half of Konfu members began working from home for 3 months. But compared to other countries, we had it relatively easy, as business went on as usual and we feel we have the situation under control.


In such turbulent times, it’s particularly comforting to continue our daily work and ship goods as usual. Konfu’s QC and Shipping teams are reliable for their weekly shipments. Before each shipment, a thorough inspection is conducted checking the appearance and every dimension marked in drawings. For those dimensions which are hardly measurable, like the inside diameter of a carbide tool, we infuse metal with a low melting point and inspect after it solidifies. Our four QC team members know very well the demands of our customers through years of accumulated experience. We assure product quality through rigorous inspection.


After inspection, our two Shipping team members start packing the goods. We start with placing waterproof bags inside the box to make sure the goods are well protected, even if the box is damaged by a rainy day. The box is then filled with packing beads to lower the possibility of damage during transportation. It is then packed with waterproof tape for more protection. For some customers, we provide customized packing with a second layer of waterproof bags or plastic wrap on the box for the perfect packing. It is how we treat our customers, with customized inspections and packing service from the heart.


In the end, we wish all our customers a happy holiday season.