Carbide tool and Wu Fangtsun's story


Wu Fangtsun is one of the most senior employees at Konfu. He entered the carbide industry by chance in the 1970s and learned to make wire drawing die from Japanese technicians. At that time, Taiwan’s economy gradually moved from labor-intensive industries to more capital-intensive and high-tech industries. Wu happened to enter the carbide industry during this transition period at the age of 20 and started from a Taiwan-Japan joint venture.


He remembers that it was difficult to work in a carbide factory. He had to hold the just-made carbide, which hadn’t been fully cooled, with bare hands and drill a hole. The most challenging aspect was that he couldn’t wear gloves in order to prevent the risk of a thread being caught in the machine. He remembered that he skinned his hands raw three times a week while he was training. The Japanese consultants were strict perfectionists. He had to remake wire drawing pins when the dimensions weren't crafted precisely to specifications, even for ones as tiny as 0.18 mm.


But it was this arduous work experience which led him to further development in the carbide industry. He became an expert at wire drawing and head forming die and came to have a thorough understanding of tool modification. Konfu’s founder Mr. Char-Fu Shea saw Wu’s proficiency and invited him to work in Konfu. Mr. Shea often said Wu is like a living history of Taiwan’s carbide industry. Wu’s story is valuable to Konfu and we would like to share it with our customers.


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